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Iconoclast Saddle Pad

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The Iconoclast® name has been synonymous with horse care and health for years and we continue to bring only products to our clients that will confidently protect the horse to assure their health and performance. Our primary concerns have always been focused on horse health first and our Iconoclast® Saddle Pads are consistent with our core principles. Our pads have been tested in various harsh use conditions for over a year before we settled on the design, size, contour and performance.

The Iconoclast® Saddle Pads are: made in the USA, with natural materials, will not roll or slide, do not need a break-in period, will keep your horses back comfortable without pinching or creating excessive heating, will distribute moisture across the underside of the pad, are contoured along the spine and withers, have rounded corners with wear leathers and cutouts for cinch fit.

 The 1 inch thick felt will form to the horses back and still provide concussion protection while under load thereby saving the horses back from spinal pressures. The fleece liner will wick sweat and allow air to transfer through the fibers while being used, keeping the horses back comfortable. Because of our wool felt and fleece quality our pads will last and perform in any condition.