MasterHand DDGs - Not your average Dried Distillers Grain

  • 100% Dried Distillers Grains
  • Bags 50# / Totes 2000# / Bulk Trucks
  • Extruded
  • Low moisture
  • 28% Protein
  • 8% Fat
  • 84% TDN

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Rack Revolution Deer

Supplement for Deer made using MasterHand Milling’s groundbreaking production technology, this 100% dried distillers grain deer supplement is an all-natural source of concentrated protein and energy. An irresistible attractant, Rack Revolution will draw deer in and promote growth all year long. 


Range Mineral 1.0

This free choice, loose mineral is designed to compliment MHM dried distiller’s grain cubes and pellets. The mineral formula is based on feeding a minimum of 1 lb/hd/day of MHM cubes or pellets. Targeted consumption on this mineral is 4 oz/hd/day. Available in weatherized and non-weatherized with or without Rumensin.


Simplify your Feeding Program

MHM products offer some of the most diverse feeding options available.

With an extensive background in ethanol plant operations, Elite Endeavors LLC understands how to manage the variability of the distillers grains (DDG).  We have aligned ourselves with DDG producers who maintain consistent protein, fat and low sulfur percentages, as well as the low amounts of residual starch and sugar that result from a well-run ethanol plant.  Additionally, as many ethanol plants occasionally remove oil from their distillers grains (thereby reducing the amount of available animal energy in the final feed product), we carefully monitor the fat percentages in the DDG going into our cubes and pellets. Each load of DDG is also sampled and a composite sent weekly to Servi-Tech.  Results are available upon request.


MHM products offer some of the most diverse feeding options available. By simply changing the feeding rate, they can fit well into any segment of cattle production. The versatility allows for a more simplified feeding program, reduced operational costs and less time spent feeding. By combining increased protein and high phosphorous content, MHM products also reduce the need for both top quality roughage and expensive mineral.


The feeding rate for MasterHand Milling products varies depending on available forage and energy needs of the livestock.  Feeding rate ranges from 1-8 pounds per day.  As a result of the MHM products being corn-based supplements, cattle are much more aggressive and responsive when being fed.  Our concentrated supplements offer a minimum 28% protein, 8% fat and 84% total digestible nutrients (as-fed basis), approximately double the energy percentage found in regular corn.  The cubes are also high in phosphorus, making them a perfect match for calcium-rich grasses.


Available in durable 7/8″ cattle cubes, 1/2″ calf pellets, or 1/4″ creep feed, MasterHand Milling products are very palatable and more digestible than traditional cubes and pellets.  Fed on the ground with little waste, our product is double screened for fewer fines.  The product handles well in bulk and can also be purchased in 2000-pound totes and 50-pound bags.

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